Team Coaching, Facilitation and Development

A focus on team development and facilitation is an important consideration for any organisation, especially those that are experiencing rapid growth or ongoing change.  Particular areas of interest are:

  • facilitating off-site events for senior leadership teams, which focus on developing the organisation to ensure it evolves as required to achieve the business strategy
  • supporting the assimilation of a new leader into an existing team
  • the formation and initial growth of new team
  • transforming and / or reinvigorating the performance of existing teams

The team facilitation process focuses on the concept of high-performing teams and explores the current group dynamics to establish trust and build strong relationships amongst team members.  The outcome would be a more cohesive and effective team, that is focused on a shared endeavour, aligned to business strategy and capable of achieving even greater success.

What does a team coaching process look like?

boundless works in partnership with the organisation to explore the current context and identify the desired outcomes.  A solution tailored to each team is then designed and delivered.  

A brief overview of the typical steps in a example process is shown below:


In this phase we explore the business need for the team facilitation process with the relevant contact within the business or HR. We will also explore relevant and appropriate measures of success, which are refined further during the Design phase.

Design phase

During this phase a multi-way meeting with key business stakeholders is held to establish expected outcomes and objectives for the team facilitation process. Different elements to explore include: 1:1 sessions with each participant prior to the team event, 360 feedback and an agreed number of team sessions over a period of time.   

Delivery phase

During the delivery phase, an event or series of events will take place to achieve the outcomes desired.  The format, duration and content of each event will be agreed during the Design phase.  If agreed, there is also unlimited contact with the facilitator via skype, text and phone between sessions.

Debrief phase

After an agreed period of time, a full debrief would be conducted to evaluate the impact of the team event and highlight any further support required. 


If appropriate, we can incorporate complementary solutions to enable the participants to gain a greater level of self-awareness. These will be discussed during the relevant phase of the project depending on the needs of the team and the outcomes desired.