I would recommend Elpie very highly. Throughout the coaching she was patient, focussed, and helped me see things more objectively. The questioning approach made me realise things about myself that I need to change and overall the company is a happier more productive place as a consequence. Thanks!
— Joe Parry, Founder and CEO of Cambridge Intelligence
Having known Elpie in previous roles for many years, I had no hesitation to accept the opportunity of having her working with me as a coach. Whatever the main focus of our discussions was, Elpie always showed her capacity to listen and understand, and more importantly to almost invisibly drive me in a different state of mind triggering stunning realisation about my own behaviours. This recent experience makes me think that anybody can take great advantage of Elpie’s skills so the question is not to know IF you should speak to her, but WHEN
— Christophe Evrard, Director Engineering, ARM France
The thing that really stands out about working with Elpie is her rare ability to talk in a language that equally resonates across HR and the business. This credibility enables her to have a deep understanding of business needs and translate these into bespoke and often innovative solutions.
— Alastair Cooper, Senior Reward Manager, ARM
I have found the coaching experience with Elpie a wonderful opportunity to reflect and become more self-aware about the decisions I make and where my priorities lie. Elpie was incredibly professional, supportive and encouraging and focussed on me understanding my role in the life choices I take vs giving me her opinion on what I should or should not be doing. I have come away from this experience with a much better sense of who I am and the impact I have. Thanks you again.
— Global HR Services Director in a hi-tech organisation
Elpie’s coaching over several sessions has made a noticeable difference to the way I’m working and leading, and this has already started to bring real benefits to the organisation. Elpie’s approach - helping you work through challenges, rather than directing or judging - is top-notch and I’d definitely recommend her as a coach.
— Mark Nowottny, Policy and Practice Director, Restless Development
Elpie is an outstanding coach. I’ve worked with Elpie at various levels, from one-on-one coaching through to developing senior management teams, and in all cases she brings unique and useful insights that always result in positive changes. I highly recommend Elpie for both individual and team development.
— Gary Campbell, VP Engineering, Core Processing Group, ARM
I found her to be an extremely valuable coach in the seven years I worked with Elpie with ARM. Elpie is an insightful professional and I would share business, personnel and personal career growth challenges safe in the knowledge I would get thoughtful, grounded and confidential advice by return.
— Ian Ferguson, VP Segment Marketing, ARM
I had the pleasure of working with Elpie as she led the development of the ARM Leadership Programme. Elpie approached this ground breaking project with enthusiasm and fostered a professional, open and honest partnership with the Leadership Trust. Leading by example, Elpie put herself forward for the Leading Leaders Programme and demonstrated a mindset open to personal growth and development. Elpie is an empathetic and insightful coach who quickly builds rapport and trust.
— Mike King, Leadership Development Business Manager, The Leadership Trust
As a coach Elpie immediately made me feel at ease in exploring a wide range of topics. Her listening skills, insightful inquiry and conscientiousness ensured that all our sessions resulted in takeaways that were actionable and addressed the issues I raised.
— Rob Relph, Commercial Executive, Rolls Royce
Elpie is nothing short of unique. There are very few people that you will work with that just make you better, and Elpie is one of them. Her critical thinking, ideas, attention to detail, strategic ability, excellent stakeholder management and her knowledge and insights will be invaluable to any organization or individual. Many people say it but Elpie really is a team player, she does what’s best for the wider group and never operates with an agenda. All of this combined with the fact that she’s also a really nice person! A brilliant practitioner that I am fortunate enough to have worked with as she’s made me better at my job too.
— Sasha Watson, Director, Internal Communications ARM
The coaching sessions felt like a natural conversation. They were flexible enough to wander and were not too constrained to an “agenda”. Elpie has an excellent knack of asking very short, simple, non-judgemental, non-leading questions that really had me re-thinking some of my assumptions – which was extremely good. The process of articulating thoughts is cathartic and really helpful to reinforce thoughts and rationale, but the thoughtful and simple questions really had an impact.
— Director, international consulting firm, Cambridge UK
Elpie is a highly skilled, impactful consultant who enables positive insights and outcomes for her clients at an individual, team and organisational level. She demonstrates a unique combination of analytical rigour with empathy and creativity, and challenges positively the boundaries of what individuals believe is possible for them and their businesses. I would recommend Elpie as a coach and business partner to anyone who is keen to maximise their potential and their performance.
— Jenny Duvalier, EVP People, ARM
I have surprised myself with some of the conclusions I have come to during our conversations, yet they make so much sense. It has been incredibly refreshing to share a space with Elpie where I can truly explore my own professional development. Whilst still doing so in the context of my current employment, Elpie’s comfortable approach has encouraged me to balance and complement my professional and personal priorities.
— Kate Muhwezi, People and Performance Director, Restless Development
I worked with Elpie over many years on a programme to develop ARM’s engineers who wanted to move into the commercial side of the business, i.e. sales and marketing, where the combination of technical knowledge and commercial acumen would be invaluable in promoting ARM’s products to our customers. Elpie was involved with the creation and operation of the programme, from designing the training (including MBA-style teaching to on-the-job rotations and foreign assignments), to organising candidate interviews, providing external trainers, to dealing with the day-to-day personal crises that some of the engineers experienced when going through such a career change. Our goal was to convert 3-4 engineers into marketing / sales people per year, and we were successful in that. I would strongly recommend Elpie to any company looking for a personal development function for their employees. As well as her professional experience, she is lots of fun to work with.
— Ian Thornton, VP Investor Relations, ARM